Friday, March 11, 2011

Adventures in Technology and Learning

In my first degree of Child and Youth Development I had the opprotunity to student teach at the elementary level in a private school. During this experience I experimented with technology and created video lesson plans. While they are now outdated and my skills have since grown I think they offer a glimpse into the initiative I have always taken into including technology in the classroom and finding new and unique ways to engage students.

This first video was my early year attempts at making real world connections to decimals for a grade 5 class. I enlisted the help of my little sister the carpenter and added a few classroom jokes into the video for student enjoyment. While this video wouldn't hold up to my standards today of SCO's and teacher standards it was still a fun experience from which I learned many things.

This next video series is from a science lesson for a grade 1/2 split from the same school. I'm a little better with the technology and it's easy to see how I had grown in a short period of time.
Part 1:

Part 2:

I have many more videos from my further education and work experience however it's not appropriate for privacy reasons to show them online. For any interviews and meets I'd be more than happy to show some of the videos I have made for students including their own versions of music videos and story telling.

Disclaimer: All copy written music has been obtained legally through youtube's permission services.