Friday, March 18, 2011


As I receive references from parents, cooperating teachers and professional contacts (co-workers, bosses, directors, etc.) they will be posted here with permission. Hard copies of all available upon request.

I will also include quotes from assessments I've had during student teaching and professional work with children.


Ecole Grosvenor Wentworth School                                                 May 24, 2012
4 Downing Street

To Whom it may Concern

Stephanie Brown completed her final practicum with my Grade 5 class from November 2011 until April 2012. Stephanie has a natural talent for teaching and demonstrated many of the qualities that make an excellent teacher.

Stephanie has a friendly, happy disposition and a genuine enjoyment in the students. The students responded respectfully to Stephanie and worked diligently under her direction. Stephanie uses her talents, such as her skills in music, to engage the students. She has an excellent sense of humour and an animated nature that allows learning to be fun for students. Stephanie implemented firm discipline strategies when necessary and expected a high standard of effort from every child.

Stephanie has a thorough knowledge of the updated curriculum and employs a variety of teaching strategies to cater for all learning styles or ability levels. She is a competent user of technology and devised interesting research tasks and demonstrations by that means. Where possible Stephanie set up hands on learning tasks, followed by written responses to evaluate the depth of their understandings. Stephanie understood the importance of school wide involvement by preparing the class to present items for a large audience. She has also taken on a voluntary role, since completing her practicum, as co-director of our school muscial production, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

Stephanie always speaks respectfully, politely and with interest, to all students, staff and family members at the school. She has a vibrant personality and a conscientious work ethic that would make her an asset to any school she taught in. I would not hesitate to recommend Stephanie to an education employer. I wish her all the best for her teaching future.

Yours sincerely

Anna Fox

(Contact Info Available upon request)

whom it may concern,
19, 2012

It is my great pleasure to provide an academic and professional letter of
reference in support of Stephanie Brown. She was a student in my “Professional
Seminar” and English language arts methods classes at Mount Saint Vincent
University. She was a respected leader amongst her peers in the class.

Stephanie is one of the most outstanding students I have taught. She uses her creative
gifts and talents to develop exceptional teaching materials which she freely
shares with others. Her energy and enthusiasm are wonderful assets in the
classroom. Stephanie is a determined visionary with a passion for learning. She
has developed her own company to promote literacy. As “Raina the Mermaid”, she visits
schools and community organizations to promote the love of reading and an
awareness of ocean ecosystems. Stephanie dedicates many hours of service to her

Stephanie is a very capable and thoughtful scholar who has consistently maintained
exemplary academic standards in her courses.

She would be a wonderful addition to the staff at any school. She works well independently but is also a valued team member. She has demonstrated her competence in the classroom and received great praise from her cooperating teachers during her practicum experience.
Stephanie is a thoughtful observer, has strengths in lesson planning, time-management, organization and the use of technology to support and enhance learning.

She has a keen interest in supporting students with special learning needs in the mainstreamed
classroom and she has demonstrated skills in differentiated learning strategies.

Stephanie brings many talents to the teaching profession. She willingly embraces change and she is eager to pursue ongoing personal professional development. She is respectful of
the opinions and efforts of her colleagues. She works well as a member of a team and has willingly provided assistance to faculty as a guest presenter in
education classes.

I have been an administrator in the schools of Nova Scotia for many years and I have
frequently been involved in the faculty hiring process. I would be delighted to
welcome Stephanie to my school staff. She is very intuitive and kind. She is
thoughtful, flexible and sensitive to the needs and feelings of her students
and colleagues.

I am delighted to offer this gifted and dedicated professional my support and
commendation as she seeks employment as an educator. Please free to contact me for further


Saint Vincent University,
of Education
Contact Information and hard copy on request


March 27th 2012 Grade 5 Social Studies
Assessed by: Shirley Everett (Practicum Supervisor)

  • students were very engaged and enthusiastic during the recap of what had been learned previously about the Inuit
  • Students were reminded of the expectations during this lesson... Stephanie responded accordingly- another indication of Stephanie's great management skills and the students respect for her
  • While presenting the lesson, Stephanie moved around the classroom- very good strategy to maintain children's attention
  • Stephanie knows this information very well. She presented it in everyday language... therefor students were very interested. Students were asked to jot down points of interest during the lesson... another way to keep them focused.
  • Very interesting powerpoint
  • Great lesson

March 21st 2012 Grade 5 Mental Math Lesson
Assessed by: Shirley Everett (practicum supervisor)
  • Stephanie is always so upbeat and positive
  • She has wonderful classroom management and is always aware of what is going on in the classroom
  • During the initial part of this lesson on mental math, Stephanie gave clear instructions on what to do. Then she carefully monitored students to see that they were on task
  • Stephanie reminded students of the time frame left as they worked- good idea
  • Stephanie's sense of humour is prevalent... the students enjoy this. This further enhances the positive learning environment here
  • Stephanie is doing a wonderful job

January 30th 2012 Grade 5 Science Lesson
Assessed by: Shirley Everett (Practicum supervisor)
  • Once again, it's apparent that considerable amount of planning, time and effort went into the development of this lesson
  • Lesson plan is well done, comprehensive, detailed, with necessary adaptations in place for ESL students
  • good introduction
  • great models
  • very interesting lesson, students were engaged and enthusiastic, Stephanie used a variety of prompts to refocus students, loved the song at the end
  • liked the approach of doing breathing exercises with the students and recording the breathing rate etc to discuss this subject
  • Stephanie makes learning fun
  • very good lesson
January 12th 2012 Grade 5 Math Lesson
Assessed by: Shirley Everett (Practicum supervisor)
  • began class with use of a signal to focus students
  • wonderful rapport with class
  • good use of humor
  • demonstrates good classroom management using different strategies
  • exploration and direction are VERY clear
  • great worksheet using real world connections and references.
  • Lesson plan is clear and thorough
  • students were actively engaged and very focused