Friday, March 11, 2011

Lesson and Unit Plans

Here are links to various lessons and unit plans I have designed during my Child and Youth and Education program experiences. Photos of the lessons in action are posted where available.

Please Note: Some of these lessons have been uploaded using googledocs. This means you can download and print them. HOWEVER googledocs frequently changes the formatting of the text so CHECK before you print!

Cross Curricular Grade 1

Language Arts:
Teacher's Guide to Coraline (This contains a unit, arts infusion, expansion etc.)
ESL Adaptations for Coraline Unit (Grades 3-6)

Teach a Technique: The art of "The Wolves in the Walls"

Social Studies:
Unit Plan Grade 2: Technology

Grade 1 and Grade 2: Using an Original Mermaid story to teach measurement
See the accompanied video for this mermaid story here
Grade 5 probability and data management with Harry Potter (glogster)
Grade 5: The Crown of Syracuse: Teaching Volume

Grade 1:Misconceptions: Living and Non living and Once living

Grade 2: Understanding Position
Grade 2: UNIT PLAN Life Cycles
Grade 4: Focus on the Environment: Sustainable Fishing (Also can be adapted for grade 6)

Teacher Designed Assessment Tool